Marja talu



The spacious sauna house by the lake enchants with its million dollar view. We offer a traditional Finnish sauna and a modern sauna with circular air.

A visit to the sauna is made especially enjoyable by the refreshing lake water, which pleases both summer and winter bathers.

Our sauna steam rooms are spacious and here you have time to talk all the stories with friends or colleagues.


Finnish sauna

The traditional wood-burning sauna continues to be a favorite among visitors. Fiery steam and cooling lake water are the best for invigorating health and relieving stress.

Experience sauna

The modern Saunum Premium sauna offers a unique steam experience and a 5-in-1 relaxing home spa solution. Sauna steam is softer, and the steam mixed with more oxygen-rich air makes it easier to breathe. Steam can be thrown more often, and therefore the sauna air is more humid, ensuring more intense sweating. After the steam, there will be no headache or sauna fatigue.


The price of using one sauna for 2 hours is 50 euros. Each subsequent hour is 20 euros.

The rent of the sauna house hall for 5 hours including the use of saunas without accommodation is 250 euros.

If you want to rent the whole sauna house with 15 accommodation places, the price is 500 euros per day.