Marja talu



We are masters at combining tradition and modern food culture. We offer our guests good flavors from fresh local ingredients and a beautiful, colorful service. Homegrown berries have a special place in our meals.
When preparing the menu, we take into account the wishes of the customers, and we always serve food from real dishes, because we care.
Sirje, the hostess of the MARJA TALU center, makes sure that the food tastes good, is fresh, beautiful, colorful and plentiful.


Party catering

We offer a rich selection from our menu for your party table. We always consider the customer’s wishes and special needs, think along, give recommendations, offer exciting solutions.
We always set an abundant party table, where the food is delicious and the food displays are tastefully decorated.

Check out our sample menu for the party table:


Groups and seminars

Refreshing coffee breaks and delicious meals are important for the success of a team event or seminar day.

We offer a well-thought-out menu that takes into account the composition and wishes of the group. Our selections are diverse and tasty, the displays appetizing and beautiful.

Check out the sample menu for the seminar day:


Marja talu Mulgi resto

We will personally open the Marja talu Mulgi restaurant for you upon pre-order, where we offer traditional Mulgi food in a traditional manner.

In Mulgimaa, you still have to get genuine Mulgi food, which has given Mulks motivation and heart from time to time. We respect and keep alive Mulgi’s rich heritage and serve Mulgi dishes in both traditional and innovative ways. We use home-grown, mild and local raw materials and forest products.

It is said that Mulks are stingy, but when guests came to Mulks, it was better to put them on the table.

The minimum group size is 15 people and the price is 30 euros per person.

“Modern Mulk from stinginess to pride” with a sample menu: